International Women’s Day

Today is International Womens Day. Regardless of how I feel about designated national or international days and months to celebrate peace, politicians or a grope of “minorities” I want to still take the opportunity I don’t take every single day to say I love you.


to the women in my life:


Thank you to the woman who showed me how to love, to the woman who held my teary face close to her breast and fed me life. To the woman who taught me how to read the hands on a clock and check both sides before crossing the street. Thank you to the woman that showed me her strength I don’t dare to challenge and thank you to the woman who showed me her weakness that I can only hope to except in myself. Thank you to the woman with an afro that marched at the head of the masses straight into the face of ragging hate and violence. Thank you to the women who put me in a dress and let me ware their lipsticks and hills even under the sour scrutiny of lost men. Thank you to the woman who yelled back at my father and taught him never to swing his arm towards her direction again.  Thank you to the women that excepted me with all my flaws but never let me get away with bullshit. Thank you for the women that let me cry. Thank you for the woman that let me laugh. Thank you to the woman who let me be a boy, a man, a girl and a spirit. Thank you for the women who have hugged me with all their might. Thank you for the women who have tough me how to lead. Thank you for the woman who have taught me how to speak.


I love you in ways that the world keeps telling me is wrong. I love you in ways only you can understand. I strive to stand next to you as you have for me. I strive to engage with you with honesty as you have with me. I strive believer in you as you have believed in me.  I celebrate you every day.



Black Pete, Zwarte Piet: The Documentary is a film about the blackface tradition of Zwarte Piet, a Dutch folklore character associated with the celebration of Sinterklaas. According to folklore, Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands via steamship every November, rides into town on his horse, and is assisted by his helper Zwarte Piet, which literally translates to “Black Peter.”

(Source:, via blackcontemporaryart)


I go with the first move, with the first hunch. I just gooooooooo on. Not looking back not being afraid of the unknown ahead not realizing how beautifully scared my heart is. Bloods floods my arteries and seeps deep into my flesh. I run run run faster till my feet leave the pavement and I glide through air. Running to the skies. I look down. No fear. My gut doesn’t drop and splatter on the asphalt. the sharp tips of the trees don’t pop my burst of happiness. I don’t loose my sense of freedom or doubt myself. I clime higher and higher unbound. Free of resistance no baggage no damp sorrows. Light, fluffy, bright and fuzzy. I rise to the toppest of skies. I sway in the gentile breeze and float like feather. I am in freedom. True freedom. Free from myself, free from my shell free from my name just my ageless spirit. it’s the prettiest blue I’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect temperature I’ve ever felt. My lungs need no effort my eyes don’t have to wonder.

I want to be evil


ON TOPIC: Body Painting
Omo people, Ethiopia


ON TOPIC: Body Painting

Omo people, Ethiopia

If you don’t know, (Meet De’Borah) now you know.

I keep on FALLING in love with this cover.

Example #2

There are many ways to express the middle finger. Example #1

“I love nice and smart
I’m simply intrigued by mean and smart
I can even handle nice and dumb
But I just can’t deal with mean and dumb”

“I have made the mistake of thinking I am one of the cool kids, again.”